A crush on yesterday im Krautwells

17.07. 21 Uhr Konzert mit A crush on yesterdayKrautwells / Otto-von-Guericke Str.48 / 39104 Magdeburg

Many songwriters use their own name for their project but let’s be honest; No one would seriously title their project “Christopher Wieduwilt.” A name like Luke Pickett or Jack Johnson will be the real attention catcher.
However, this young songwriter from Magdeburg, Germany does not hide behind his title. The name “A Crush On Yesterday” is a part of the whole concept. It stands for everything you have experienced and everything that you want to hold on to but you can’t.
Negative? Not at all. In the end, you stick to the good memories and not drown yourself in yearning.

The lush feeling of an escape into an open ocean of enchanting melodies will capture your senses upon listening to A Crush On Yesterday’s first output “Between Reality and Insanity” His sound may hold appeal due to its poppy flavor but at no time is he thrusting or “just another artist.” The listener escapes into another world and embraces both themes of the album: the clash of reality and insanity while at times, maintaining a distinction from the other.

Acoustic-Pop with ambient elements is a good way to describe the music. You can of course make a comparison with artists such as Dashboard Confessional, City and Colour or Iceland’s biggest music export Sigur Rós but every musician has his own style and this is the beauty of exploring different artists.

A Crush On Yesterday caught some attention of the media in late summer as the song “Rewrite this path” was featured on the national television channel Pro 7 in Germany. He has also performed with artists such as Beth Hart (Star Search Winner in female vocalist category 1993).

“Between Reality and Insanity” is for all the acoustic lovers and opens the door to experimenting listeners. Anyone can embark on this journey and follow the way in the undiscovered. Even if the ride just lasts for a second.

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