2009 @ Noorderzon


Alexander Hanke (Magdeburg, Germany)
illustrator, printmaker, environmentalist, urban pirate

Mei Matsuoka (Tokyo, Japan)
illustrator, animator, author, amateur philosopher

Megan Hoffman (New York, USA/Groningen)
metalsmith cum seamstress, stuff designer, cookie baker


Each day was divided into two parts: workshops for children, and Art Fabrique, where we (Alex, Mei, and Meg) where working together in a sort of assembly-line to create unique products. This process took place in open view, and people where encouraged to help, make suggestions, and ask questions.

We also had a different up-and-coming of Dutch artist visit every day. Each day’s workshop theme was based on that artist’s area of expertise. In addition to showing and selling their own work, each artist contributed to the Art Fabrique manufacture and lead two workshops, one for children ages 4-7, and one for older children.

At the end of the week (and maybe also during) people where able to buy everything that was made, both by us and during the workshops.

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